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 Encore Dance Company

Some costumed photos prior to the upcoming performance "Welcome to the Jungle"

Pleasure to meet you all on Saturday, good luck with your performance.

Just click on the link below to view the photographs.

They are displayed in a grid form called  " index" which you can come back to by clicking index at the top of the page, you can also move forward and back through the index pages.

Each thumbnail can be clicked on to see a larger version plus the image name, which is important to know if you wanted any copies. 

Images shown here have only had some basic processing, If you order any they will be fully processed before printing I will even remove the lines in the background.

Images can be bought digitaly for printing at home, If you want the best possible image reproduction then allow us do the printing,  images upto 6x9" are printed using Dye sublimation printing. Larger prints are printed using HD ultra chrome ink and will be laminated to protect the image. 
Using the same inks we can also print onto canvas. There are a wide variety of other items to be printed on including shirts, mugs, water bottles keyrings and more.   



Any questions or requests email me direct at

Encore Dance company photos

Order form

             Ordering is easy, find the image you like and make a note of the reference which can be seen in the larger view (should start with Encore followed by a number). 

Enter that on the form next to the size required. 5x7 and 8x6 prints are dye sublimation printed on gloss paper, larger prints (10x8 plus) are printed with Ultra Chrome HD inks and will be laminated with either a gloss, matt or lustre finish. If no choice is made we will use lustre.
If you are ordering a mixture of sizes and want the surface to match we will laminate the smaller sizes to match free of charge.  

If you are going to use your images digitally we suggest the photo CD. Images will be in two sizes one to suit social media and a slighly larger version which can be used for printing (up to around A5)
The photo CD can have upto 10 images for the same price. Better digital quality is with the full resolution jpeg file available seperately these would allow print sizes up to A3.For the best quality prints let us do it for you as our entire system is calibrated from Monitor to scanner to printer.